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Graeme's unique insight into training, thinking and being has been updated and the new version published by Bloomsbury Sport.

The Obree Way is a manual Graeme wrote specifically, with the objective to help everyday cyclists get an idea of some of the techniques he devised and used on his journey to become a world champion cyclist. Not all cyclists and athletes have access to coaching advice which can be expensive.Written in a conversational style, The Obree Way, unlike many manuals does not offer the like of training plans and schedules instead, inviting readers to explore the insights of a maverick free-thinker whose meticulous approach to training was literally years ahead of time. This manual is literally about thinking, Plato meets the bicycle. A brilliant read for cyclists or any athletes with chapters on wellbeing, diet, psychology, preparation and so much more.


It has been an interesting couple of days now with The Oscar Awards making all the headlines. I think this year's awards will be remembered for one moment. The erroneous award of Best Film to La LA Land will be etched forever in the history books, One defining moment, captured forever into the history books.  Warren Beatty, playing Bugs Bunny, looked the proverbial rabbit in the headlights, stuck in a moment in time, with the world's media and a live audience barreling down on him.  I fear that he was not briefed on the possibility he would be given the wrong card. The prerogative of decision making and choice was, for a short moment, in his gift. His choice is there for you, me and history to dissect. For sure, PWC will take a long and hard look at the incident to try to make sense of it all and to discern if the situation could have been managed better. Watching Warren Beatty flip flop under the heat of the light reminded me of an article Graeme Obree wrote for The Telegraph newspaper (link here: Telegraph Newspaper Decision ) as part of a series of articles on decision-making. Graeme looked back to a moment in time, June 1993, Hamar.  He was faced with a momentary choice situation. His decision at that time would dramatically influence his future and the future of The Hour Record. Fascinating reading, especially for anyone interested in the management of decisions.The article is titled 'Going Again' and is repeated below with thanks to The Telegraph.


   Going Again

    It was July 1993. I found myself shuffling with an exhausted body across a velodrome in Hamar, Norway, to be met by a media group that included a French TV crew who had flowers for me for what I had just achieved. I had just surpassed a record that had been held in a regard by continentals that ordinary Britons cannot relate to for lack of cycling heritage. Comparison to Roger Banisters mile record for running is a way to convey that.

     I had just ridden a bicycle farther than any man in history - at sea level. It was not just 'any' man - it was set by Francesco Moser in 1986 - a man whose name in Italy was such that knowledge of it could be a test of Italian nationality itself. It had been an amazing ride by him, but it was, none-the-less, the sea level World One Hour Record. He had set the ultimate mark at altitude in Mexico City in 1984 and I highlight the importance of it by revealing that it was one of only two cycling posters I have ever displayed. One was of him on that day with disc wheels and smooth helmet and the other was of Eddy Merckx whose record he had smashed from the same venue in 1972.

     Such is the magnitude of World Hour Records and the people who set them that they do not fall easily or often. Eddy Merckx said at the time that it was the hardest thing he had ever done and that it must have taken years off his life - and that from a man who won the Tour de France five times. Much has been written about how awful it is despite it's outward appearance of just riding round a man-made bowl on a bicycle for 60 minutes. Mr Merckx endorsed the reality of that discrepancy with the statement that he would never do it again. Twenty one years later, I, not of his status, am being handed flowers to celebrate my relative success. Failure by my interpretation.

     It felt and appeared instantaneous to me and others the process of flowers, decision and utterance of the now famous words, "I am going again!". I had used my one chance as a broke amateur in a foreign land to step up with everything I had - a bike I designed and built myself, my own riding style, my own training methods and my very worth as an athlete.

     My exhaustion suggested there would be no hall of fame but no disgrace either as my rival, Chris Boardman, goes on to take the record that matters in six days time. My epitaph would be ordinary after all. The entire world could see that right then it was over and all logic and reality could confirm it. "Going again was crazy and physically impossible", were the words of Moser himself. They were all correct except for one thing. I had decided to go again, but the real decision was the willingness to endure, to sacrifice and to accept the consequences of what I must do in order to execute that decision. Now I was willing to die for what I lived for. Mine would be a metronomic 'dance of pedals', through all suffering to death, blackness or glory.

     This was decision over resolve, leadership over management - it was belief, vision and passion over risk analysis. I did not have to believe I could do it - I just had to believe I was courageous enough to do it. Ultimately, it was a decision to accept pain and death and not turn from it. Glory it was!


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Endura and Graeme Obree go together like…well, what? Follow this link to find more this fascinating relationship: Endura's Maverick Genius



It was great to see Battle Mountain on the small screen when it screened on BBC 2 Scotland on Tuesday awakening memories of a project which was long & often unpredictable. The filmmaker David Street (Journey Pictures) did a truly remarkable job in capturing the journey to Battle Mountain from behind the lens.  He was lights/sound/camera/action - all bundled into one charging energetic mass. Keeping up with Graeme Obree at the best of times presents challenges. Action, reaction, judgement calls, right place right time - and yes no small degree of planning were necessary throughout this venture. The article on beautifully captures some of the essence of the journey, from the perspective of the man behind the lens. Over to you Mr Street.......BBC Interview

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An hour long version of  'BATTLE MOUNTAIN Graeme Obree's Story' is going to be shown at 9.00pm this evening, Tuesday, February 7th on BBC2 Scotland If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland we think you might be able to watch it on Sky Channel 970. Please can you share this post far and wide - the more people who watch it, the more likely it is to get this type of film shown on the BBC TV: More info and clips here:

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World record-breaking cyclist and star in Battle Mountain, Graeme Obree appeared on the BBC Scotland programme Timeline yesterday evening. Graeme discussed Battle Mountain, building and riding The Beastie, motivational talks ( Graeme does this for Business, clubs and for schools) and wellbeing.  You can watch the interview here Timeline GO Interview link

The DVD of BATTLE MOUNTAIN Graeme Obree's Story features a double DVD complete with the feature length film Battle Mountain and an additional feature-length film 'Building a Beastie'. Available exclusively here: Battle Mountain DVD Get one now while stocks last,

DVD Cover

 Bonus DVD -  Recycling - Handbuilding- The Beastie

Special Bonus Edition DVD - Two Feature Lenght Discs and a Bundle of CD Rom Extras

The DVD contains the full feature length film' Battle Mountain Graeme Obree's Story' (with optional English subtitles), and another feature-length DVD of Graeme building The Beastie. This extra film  follows Graeme as he designs and builds his machines,  how he thinks and the processes he goes through to create and build his bikes. This provides a masterclass in recycling as anything with a potential new function is considered for part of the build of the iconic racing machine The Beastie. This s a ‘never before seen’ look at how a largely self-taught master craftsmen goes about his work: Beguiling, instinctive, intelligent, innovative and maverick, all in one and often at the same moment in time! Everyone can learn a trick or two just watching how Graeme makes things. It is a fascinating insight into a true genius at work.

 You can preview Battle Mountain on this link:

The CD Rom portion of Disc One contains an original film poster, which you can print off yourself, the timed dialogue script and the Electronic Press Kit that was issued to media at the start of the Cinema Tour.

This special DVD package is exclusively available  from

Dugway-Wendover-20130906-00152So we have been in USA for a couple of days now. We had an overnight in Salt Lake City on Thursday and travelled to Elko on Friday.We collected the Beastie from the shipper Enviroco/Asco Freight Management. The drive to Elko takes you past the Bonneyville Salt Flats and over the mountains. The scenery is dramatic and the weather matched with electric storms. We arrived Elko Friday evening. Managed some training for an hour on Friday. Saturday morning was devoted to working on The Beastie with a session on the bike in the afternoon. The weather is hot and the air is really dry. We head to Battle Mounain today with the IHPVA Speed Challenge starting tomorrow morning. 

Charlie Milarvie.


Photos of the unboxing of "The Beastie," the bike Graeme has created to challenge the 85mph human powered vehicle speed record at Battle Mountain.

Photos from Rick Robson,




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I found Graeme Obree to be an inspirational figure when I was just starting out. His life is like a Hollywood film, but one that you would find unbelievable if you watched it in the cinema - Sir Chris Hoy.


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