News Battle Mountain Graeme Obree's Story will launch it's UK screening schedule at Picturehouse Central in London on 21st March 2016. A 40 cinema tour will commence on 1st April with most Battle Mountain – Graeme Obree’s Story Battle Mountain follows Scottish cycling legend, double world hour record holder and world 4k pursuit champion Graeme Obree on his quest to challenge for the world land speed record at Battle Mountain in Nevada in 2013, cycling the bike that he built in his kitchen, his tools of choice being his mind, hands and eyes in preparation for his race against teams employing the latest computer simulation technology and world leading aerodynamics experts. However, Battle Mountain is a film which is about so much more than cycling. Director David Street has captured something quite remarkable as Obree prepares himself for his quest to ready and race at Battle Mountain. From building his latest hand built machine, named by Sir Chris Hoy M.B.E. “The Beastie”, in his small one bedroom flat in Saltcoats, Scotland using mostly recycled materials, to his rudimentary analysis of physics, biomechanics and aerodynamics using nothing more than his mind and imagination, Obree is a purist in the strongest sense placing absolute trust in his intellectual prowess to provide the optimum solution to overcoming the challenges posed by Mother Nature when riding a bike. No wind tunnels, no computer simulations to determine the optimum performance parameters, the Beastie is designed with one purpose in mind – to go fast, terrifyingly fast, with the rider lying prone, head first- face forward! Where the other riders competing at Battle Mountain are wired into world leading computer technology, Obree faces the challenge down single minded with total belief in the powers of his mind and body. “Battle Mountain Graeme Obree’s Story “offers a profound study as the mind and personality of a modern day maverick, a man who defies categorisation, and a personality who is already iconic in the world of cycling. Who can forget Obree when he exploded onto the world scene in 1993 with a seemingly impossible but utterly audacious ride to claim The World Hour Record, riding the bike he hand-built using parts scavenged from his household washing machine. Obree went onto christen that bike “Old faithful” a bike which l is now recognised as an icon of the sport. Can the 47 year old Obree follow suit and claim another World Record on board The Beastie? The feature documentary charters the life of a highly complex personality who is utterly fearless in the face of challenge. And challenge comes almost on a daily basis for Obree. Not the tough of the track, not Obree vs. Boardman nor Obree vs. Moser: no, not even the challenge of Obree vs. Cycling’s governing body the UCI or a professional peloton with a preference for performance enhancement. No, the biggest challenge of all comes in the shape of Obree himself. Battle Mountain gets inside the mind of an incredible human being as he fights to determine his existential pathway. Will his determination be enough to enable Obree to reach his goal and challenge for the World Land Speed Record. From the roads of Ayrshire to the runways of both Macrihanish and Glasgow Prestwick Airports David Street has captured a film which is up close and personal in the very best sense of the meaning. Battle Mountain follows Obree as he faces up to challenge after challenge, some seeming almost insurmountable as his date with destiny at Battle Mountain, Nevada US looms.




"Battle Mountain - Graeme Obree's Story" will premiere at The Edinburgh International Film Festival on 24th June 2015 and screen for a second public viewing on 25th June 2015. Both screenings will be at Cineworld, Fountain Park, Edinburgh EH11 1AF.

The documentary film follows Graeme Obree on his quest to challenge for the world land speed record at Battle Mountain in Nevada in 2013, cycling the bike that he built in his kitchen and named "The Beastie" by Graeme's friend and fellow legend of cycling, Sir Chris Hoy M.B.E.

 The film which is directed by filmaker David Street has captured something quite remarkable as Graeme prepares himself for his quest to ready and race at Battle Mountain however it was a project which presented many challenges as  David explains,

"Opportunities to make films about living legends rarely present themselves. Being allowed access while observing a great legend at work is an even rarer privilege. One that I couldn’t refuse, but it didn’t come without its own film making challenges.I wanted to make a feature documentary that celebrated work and the creative process that was entertaining but carried messages way beyond a first viewing. The complex genius of Graeme Obree gave me the perfect subject. Every filming session was like opening a Pandora’s Box, I had no idea what would happen, how or when, so I was constantly thinking on my feet, trying to get the shots to craft a film in the cutting room. It gave nightmares to both the editors that worked on the project. The result though is a film of intense honesty, you see Graeme in his world creating, building, training and racing as only he can. His openness and generosity to the filmmaking process gave me the opportunity to bring the audience a very special insight into this remarkable man. Graeme’s self-deprecating sense of humour is woven through the film and helps create a modern day fable that touches on concerns about waste, recycling, environment, mental health and personal achievement.


The music for "Battle Mountain - Graeme Obree's Story" has been scored by Alun Woodward (The Delgados/Chemikal Underground) in his first major foray into composing for a feature film. Already a huge cycling fan the opportunity to score the music for a film whose main subject is Graeme Obree was one that Alun felt inspired to do. The fruits of that inspiration now feature with a stunning feature film musical composition debut.

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Dugway-Wendover-20130906-00152So we have been in USA for a couple of days now. We had an overnight in Salt Lake City on Thursday and travelled to Elko on Friday.We collected the Beastie from the shipper Enviroco/Asco Freight Management. The drive to Elko takes you past the Bonneyville Salt Flats and over the mountains. The scenery is dramatic and the weather matched with electric storms. We arrived Elko Friday evening. Managed some training for an hour on Friday. Saturday morning was devoted to working on The Beastie with a session on the bike in the afternoon. The weather is hot and the air is really dry. We head to Battle Mounain today with the IHPVA Speed Challenge starting tomorrow morning. 

Charlie Milarvie.


Photos of the unboxing of "The Beastie," the bike Graeme has created to challenge the 85mph human powered vehicle speed record at Battle Mountain.

Photos from Rick Robson,




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I found Graeme Obree to be an inspirational figure when I was just starting out. His life is like a Hollywood film, but one that you would find unbelievable if you watched it in the cinema - Sir Chris Hoy.


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