Join Graeme Obree at a one off special event to mark the 20th Anniversary of his ground breaking effort to grab the UCI World Hour Record in Hamar. Broadcaster, musician and cyclist Dougie Vipond will lead the conversation to unlock Graeme's  treasured memories of one of sports defining moments revealing the complete story of what was required to take Moser's crown. Don't miss this special event.

Lots of questions have been asked and Graeme has spoken of the challenges he faced when stepping up to do battle with one of the monuments of the cycling world, The Hour. What was his training programme, how did he go from club cyclist to world champion with virtually no backing. Find out at #Obree20

Date: 17th July 2013

Time: 8pm -10pm (doors open 7.30pm)

Venue: Oran Mor, Byres Road Glasgow

Ticket price: £20.00

Tickets Available at the door from 7.30pm till 7.45pm: Show starts at 8.00pm

16061203squareOn 17th July 1993 history was made when a relatively unknown Scottish cyclist, Graeme Obree became the UCI World Hour record holder improving on the record held previously by Italian, Francesco Moser.

The cycling world was stopped in its tracks by the performance of Obree who took the record on board the bike he made himself costing less than £100, complete with parts salvaged from an old washing machine. Old Faithful and washing machines were to become synonymous with Obree.

He was never fully accepted by the cycling authorities or many other cyclists and he flirted with controversy throughout his cycling career as his innovative ideas were unjustly outlawed time and time again. Obree challenged convention in the stuffy world of cycling; he devised his own training programme - a programme that dismissed the use of computers and commercial sports nutrition. Obree built his own bikes, decried drug taking at a time when drug use was endemic in professional cycling and eventually walked away from a sport which he challenged and changed.

His story is raw drama, a story about the passion of a young man who wants to take on the world, does indeed take on the world. His life is chronicled in the self penned autobiography,” The Flying Scotsman.”

Join with broadcaster, musician and cyclist, Dougie Vipond to get UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH GRAEME OBREE on the 20th Anniversary of The Flying Scotsman’s world hour record at Hamar.


Tickets are available at the door at Oran Mor this evening from 7.30-745pm



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The fear is not actually not reaching 100 miles per hour, the fear is being 90, in a chair, in an old folks’ home, saying ‘I should have gone for that.’ - Graeme Obree


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