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 Bonus DVD -  Recycling - Handbuilding- The Beastie

Special Bonus Edition DVD - Two Feature Lenght Discs and a Bundle of CD Rom Extras

The DVD contains the full feature length film' Battle Mountain Graeme Obree's Story' (with optional English subtitles), and another feature-length DVD of Graeme building The Beastie. This extra film  follows Graeme as he designs and builds his machines,  how he thinks and the processes he goes through to create and build his bikes. This provides a masterclass in recycling as anything with a potential new function is considered for part of the build of the iconic racing machine The Beastie. This s a ‘never before seen’ look at how a largely self-taught master craftsmen goes about his work: Beguiling, instinctive, intelligent, innovative and maverick, all in one and often at the same moment in time! Everyone can learn a trick or two just watching how Graeme makes things. It is a fascinating insight into a true genius at work.

 You can preview Battle Mountain on this link:

The CD Rom portion of Disc One contains an original film poster, which you can print off yourself, the timed dialogue script and the Electronic Press Kit that was issued to media at the start of the Cinema Tour.

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I found Graeme Obree to be an inspirational figure when I was just starting out. His life is like a Hollywood film, but one that you would find unbelievable if you watched it in the cinema - Sir Chris Hoy.


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