It was great to see Battle Mountain - Graeme Obree's Story on BBC 2 Scotland yesterday evening. It is a great film and testimony to the filmmaking skills of David Street who managed to keep up with the main man, Graeme Obree in the quest at Battle Mountain. The full-length feature film is available on DVD and includes a special bonus second DVD. The additional DVD shadows Graeme as he builds The Beastie and provides a fascinating insight into the challenges faced in building The Beastie (in his kitchen) and how he solved the problems, be they physical, mechanical or material based. The DVD is available exclusively at which you can find on this link  Battle Mountain Film Web Site #BattleMountain


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I found Graeme Obree to be an inspirational figure when I was just starting out. His life is like a Hollywood film, but one that you would find unbelievable if you watched it in the cinema - Sir Chris Hoy.


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