It was great to see Battle Mountain on the small screen when it screened on BBC 2 Scotland on Tuesday awakening memories of a project which was long & often unpredictable. The filmmaker David Street (Journey Pictures) did a truly remarkable job in capturing the journey to Battle Mountain from behind the lens.  He was lights/sound/camera/action - all bundled into one charging energetic mass. Keeping up with Graeme Obree at the best of times presents challenges. Action, reaction, judgement calls, right place right time - and yes no small degree of planning were necessary throughout this venture. The article on beautifully captures some of the essence of the journey, from the perspective of the man behind the lens. Over to you Mr Street.......BBC Interview

 DS GO 2

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The fear is not actually not reaching 100 miles per hour, the fear is being 90, in a chair, in an old folks’ home, saying ‘I should have gone for that.’ - Graeme Obree


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