Graeme's unique insight into training, thinking and being has been updated and the new version published by Bloomsbury Sport.

The Obree Way is a manual Graeme wrote specifically, with the objective to help everyday cyclists get an idea of some of the techniques he devised and used on his journey to become a world champion cyclist. Not all cyclists and athletes have access to coaching advice which can be expensive.Written in a conversational style, The Obree Way, unlike many manuals does not offer the like of training plans and schedules instead, inviting readers to explore the insights of a maverick free-thinker whose meticulous approach to training was literally years ahead of time. This manual is literally about thinking, Plato meets the bicycle. A brilliant read for cyclists or any athletes with chapters on wellbeing, diet, psychology, preparation and so much more.



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The fear is not actually not reaching 100 miles per hour, the fear is being 90, in a chair, in an old folks’ home, saying ‘I should have gone for that.’ - Graeme Obree


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