Graeme Obree - The Legend

Holder of the 1hr record x2 - 1993 (51.596km) & 1994 (52.713km)
World 4000m Pursuit Champion x2


Graeme ObreeHow did Graeme make the step from club cyclist to an international superstar of cycling? What attributes did he possess which pushed him above and beyond the ordinary to be acclaimed as a legend and icon of cycle racing? Where do you start with such an enigmatic genius, a person who was literally ahead of his time? Graeme Obree defied convention in every respect and that bravery, reinforced by an unblinking self-belief provided the foundation for him to rewrite the rulebook and take destiny into his own hands: the Obree way! No stone was left unturned in his quest for improvement as he deep dived to provide the intellectual foundation and physical motivation to reach for the stars and prepare to challenge the mythical hour record held by Italian legend of professional racing, Francesco Moser. Innovations came in the form of his bikes and his training techniques. His performances were out of this world, literally astounding as he rode Old Faithful and became Superman, inspiring a generation. All this by an individual who stood up against a widespread culture of doping, a culture which contributed to his early retirement from professional cycling.  

Today school pupils, cyclists, athletes, people and business can benefit and share insight from a truly inspirational motivational speaker. Graeme Obree's story is unique. The systems he devised to spark self-improvement, his quest for better information and the processes he devised to create a world champion provide a captivating and truly individual backdrop. 

Fellow cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy comments: "Graeme is a genius in the true sense of the word. His uncanny ability to tackle problems from an angle that no-one else could have thought of makes him a one-off. An original. He sees the world in a different way to us mere mortals and comes up with ideas and solutions which make you laugh, shake your head and say 'why didn't I think of that?!'" 

Simon Howard, Global Sales Director of OAG sums it up neatly....“Graeme is a free thinker who offers a unique perspective on performance, growth and dealing with adversity. His inspirational story combined with his perspective its powerful stuff and he could have kept our audience from around the world engaged for far more than the hour he spoke for. “

Graeme Obree's life is documented in his biography The Flying Scotsman, the subject of the film of the same name and in the stunning documentary film Battle Mountain- Graeme Obree's Story (Battle Mountain Film). 

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