Graeme Obree - The Legend

Holder of the 1hr record x2 - 1993 (51.596km) & 1994 (52.713km)
World 4000m Pursuit Champion x2


Graeme ObreeHow did Graeme make the step from club cyclist to an international superstar of cycling. What attributes did he possess which pushed him above and beyond the ordinary and created a cycling legend?

Fellow cyclist Sir Chris Hoy comments: "Graeme is a genius in the true sense of the word. His uncanny ability to tackle problems from an angle that no-one else could have thought of, makes him a one-off. An original. He sees the world in a different way to us mere mortals and comes up with ideas and solutions which make you laugh, shake your head and say 'why didn't I think of that?!'"

An individual beyond reproach, an innovator, an incredible athlete with an indestructible determination are just some of the elements of Graeme's character. To understand the rest you really need to hear it from the man himself - Graeme is a brilliant speaker with a truly captivating story.

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